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Prof. Cajetan C. Onyedum. MBBS, FWACP, FCCP ( Dean )


The Faculty of Medical Sciences of University of Nigeria was established in 1966. However, formal training of medical students did not start until 1970 (after the Nigerian civil war) when the pioneer Dean, Prof. Gilbert Onuaguluchi admitted the first batch of students. Initially the medical school operated under the laws of the then Eastern Region and East Central state of Nigeria.

This standing changed in 1978 with the promulgation of the status Number-2 of the University of Nigeria Act by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and formally established the Faculty of Medical sciences as an integral part of the University of Nigeria.


Prof. Gilbert Onuaguluchi

1966 - 1972

1972 – 1975

Prof. Chukwuedu Nwokolo

Prof. O L V Ekpechi

1975 – 1978

1978 – 1980

Prof. Festus Nwako

Prof. Raymond Anikwe

1980 – 1982

1982 – 1984

Prof. Samuel Ohaegbulam

Prof. David Nwafo 

1984 1986

1986 – 1988

Prof. Wilson Onuigbo

Prof. Benson Okafor

1988 – 1990

1990 – 1992

Prof. Uchenna Megafu

Dr. Winifred Kaine

1992 – 1994

1994 – 1996

Prof. Herbert Ihezue

Prof. Benjamin Umerah

1996 – 1998

1998 – 2000

Prof. Martin Aghaji

Prof. Bede Ibe

2000 – 2002

2002 – 2004

Prof. Benjamin Ozumba

Prof. Rich Umeh

2004 – 2006

2006 – 2008

Prof. Aloy Aghaji

Ven. Prof. Ernest Onwasigwe

2008 – 2010

2010 – 2012

Ven. Prof. Felix Ezepue

Prof. Basil Ezeanolue

2012 – 2014

2014 – 2016

Prof. Uchenna Nwagha

Prof. Uzo Ezegwui

2016 – 2018

2018 - 2020

Prof. Sebastian Ekenze

Prof. Cajetan  C. Onyedum

Current Dean


Under the leadership of these astute persons, the Faculty has grown from strength to strength. The students’ population has increased from the initial intake of sixty (60) students to the current situation where we graduate one hundred and eighty (180) students yearly. The number of Departments also increased from the initial four to the current seventeen (4 – 17). In 1984, the University of Nigeria Act was further amended to establish the College of Medicine.

The College of Medicine coordinated the activities of the Faculty, and later on that of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology. Over time, the Faculty midwifed the establishment of Faculty of Dentistry and later the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. Currently, the College of Medicine has four Faculties viz Faculty of Medical Sciences; Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology; Faculty of Dentistry; and Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.


The Faculty is made up of seventeen Departments and the Deans office. The Departments include:


In meeting the basic manpower needs of the country and the West African Sub-region, the Faculty has trained graduates that continue to excel globally in all facets of Medicine. The first ever open heart surgery in black Africa was undertaken by the Faculty, and as result of Pioneering work and effort of some members of the Faculty, our centre was designated as the Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria. In addition, the Faculty carried out the first successful separation of Siamese twins by indigenous surgeons in Nigeria. On a global level, one of our graduates Dr. Bennet Omalu (1990 graduating class) undertook groundbreaking research that led to re-emergence of awareness of a neurologic condition associated with chronic head trauma called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE in American Football players. In a recently published Google Citation ranking, two of our graduates and Faculty members (Prof. Obinna Onwujekwe and Prof. Benjamin Uzochukwu) were among the top-10 most cited researchers in Nigeria. Other notable achievements are in the fields of infectious diseases, Cancer, Hypertension, Disorders of Sex Development (DSD), minimal access surgery, and Oesophageal atresia treatment.

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