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The Department of Haematology and Immunology evolved from a pathological Sciences Complex Between 1971 and 1974. The composite Department of Pathology and Haematology was created, but due to lack of manpower, Chemical Pathology and Haematology Departments were administered conjointly. Immunology later detached from their primordial Department to join the conjoint Department.

The founding fathers of Pathology were Dr. I. O. Udeozor and Prof. A.N.U. Njoku Obi. During this founding period, there were notable Laboratory Scientists and Technicians who were involved in the building of the Department such as Chief Nlemadim, Mrs Nwosisi and Mr. T. O Onyekwere. Staffing improved subsequently with two Immunology Lecturers and one Haematologist. That gave basis for the Department of Haematology and Immunology  

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